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What is Drop Stitch?

Drop stitch PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a type of inflatable fabric commonly used in the construction of inflatable products, such as stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), inflatable boats, air mattresses, and other inflatable structures. The term "drop stitch" refers to a specific construction technique used in the manufacturing process to create a highly durable and rigid inflatable structure.


Here's how the drop stitch PVC process works:

  1. Base Fabric: The base fabric is typically made of layers of PVC-coated polyester or nylon. This fabric provides the foundation for the inflatable structure.

  2. Thread Placement: The drop stitch construction involves placing thousands of threads between the top and bottom layers of the PVC-coated fabric. These threads are evenly spaced and connected to both layers, effectively tying them together.

  3. Airtight Chambers: The connected threads form a series of airtight chambers within the inflatable structure. These chambers are inflated to high pressure, creating a rigid and stable surface.

  4. Inflation: When the inflatable product is inflated, the airtight chambers expand, and the threads prevent the top and bottom layers from bulging outward. This results in a flat, rigid surface that can support weight and maintain its shape.

  5. Durability: The drop stitch construction adds significant strength and rigidity to the inflatable product. This makes it possible to achieve a high level of inflation pressure without the risk of the inflatable becoming misshapen or bursting.

Drop stitch PVC is known for its durability, strength, and versatility. It allows for the creation of inflatable products that can mimic the rigidity and performance of hard-shell structures while still being lightweight and portable when deflated. This technology has been widely adopted in the design of inflatable paddleboards, kayaks, boats, relaxmar and even some inflatable buildings.